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2021 Affordable Housing NOFA – Released

Notice Of Funding Availability For the Acquisition/Rehabilitation or New Development of Affordable Rental or Ownership Housing NOFA ISSUED: 11/12/2021 RESPONSES DUE: 12/23/2021 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time The City of San Rafael announces the availability of two million five hundred thousand dollars ($2,500,000) in funding available for the construction or the preservation of permanently affordable rental housing for … Continued

Let’s House San Rafael – Kick Off Meeting

In San Rafael people and families are struggling to live close to where they work and pay a price allowing them to cover essentials and put money away for the future. Some who have lived in the community a long time can no longer afford to and have had to leave, while others who would … Continued

San Rafael Begins Housing Element Update 

The City of San Rafael has initiated an update of its Housing Element.  This important document includes the City’s policies and programs for meeting the housing needs of all San Rafael residents, with a focus on lower income households and persons with special needs.  The Housing Element includes an evaluation of local housing needs, identification of potential … Continued

Upcoming Changes to San Rafael Public Meetings

Since April 2020, City of San Rafael meetings have taken place via video conference on the Zoom platform. As an accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic, five separate methods of submitting public comment were enabled to allow members of the public various opportunities to participate in City business while this virtual format is in place. As … Continued

Draft General Plan 2040/Downtown Precise Plan EIR available for Review

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for General Plan 2040 and the Downtown San Rafael Precise Plan is now available for public review and comment. The City is providing a 62-day comment period on the document, extending from January 7 to March 9, 2021. The Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the DEIR on … Continued

General Plan 2040 Update

On Monday December 2, 2019 at 7 p.m., the City Council will hear a progress report on the General Plan 2040 update.  Staff will brief the City Council on the status of the project and get input on key policy issues. Topics include transportation policy, including a proposed addition of a “vehicle miles traveled” methodology … Continued

Preparing for Extended Power Outages

Wildfire season is here and Marin County residents need to be prepared for prolonged power outages related to PG&E’s efforts to reduce wildfire risks.  Having key items, such as a working flashlight and 3-day supply of water and food, is one important component of a preparedness plan and can make it easier to cope with power … Continued

What’s your vision for Downtown San Rafael? Join us for a Design Charrette May 8th to 11th, 2019!

The City of San Rafael is hosting a multi-day design workshop (known as a “Charrette”) from Wednesday, May 8th to Saturday, May 11th to develop an updated master plan for Downtown San Rafael.  Charrette events will include community workshops and presentations, brown bag lunches, and two open ‘drop-in’ studios.   All members of the public are invited to come check out potential design concepts and share ideas with a group … Continued

Call for Amendments

As part of the General Plan Update, the City of San Rafael may consider changes to its Land Use Map.  Property owners interested in pursuing Map amendments may submit applications from now through June 30, 2019.  An application form and list of supplemental questions have been created and may be downloaded from the project website … Continued

City Council to Consider General Plan 2040 Committee Changes

On Monday August 6, the San Rafael City Council will consider a number of changes to the membership roster of the General Plan 2040 Steering Committee.  Minor revisions to the bylaws also will be considered.  The new appointments respond to turnover in membership due to relocation, expiring Commission terms, and other factors.  The proposed changes … Continued

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