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Canal Internet Access Survey

Now, more than ever, broadband Internet is an essential and crucial service to those who live, learn and work in the City of San Rafael. In some areas, high-speed Internet is not available. In order to bridge this digital divide, the City of San Rafael needs to gain a better picture of which properties do not … Continued

Request for Proposal (RFP): Permit Management System Replacement

BID NOTIFICATION  SAN RAFAEL, CA May 1, 2023– The City of San Rafael is pleased to announce the release of our Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Permit Management System Replacement. We are seeking to implement a commercially available, native cloud-based Permit Management solution that can provide broad administrative functionalities and a modern user experience … Continued

City of San Rafael Request for Proposals for Telephone System Replacement

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION 7/25/2022 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: TELEPHONE SYSTEM REPLACEMENT The City of San Rafael (“City”) has determined that it would be in its best interest to cancel the solicitation and reject all proposals. The City recognizes the current budgeted amount may be insufficient. The City’s intention is to revise the Statement of Work and … Continued

Digital Service Friday Memo, January 21, 2022

Building A Citywide Technology Improvement Plan (TIP)  What it is: The FY22-23 Technology Improvement Plan serves as a comprehensive strategy to support the upgrade, replacement, and development of digital solutions across the City. Digital in partnership with each City department will inventory current technology, define and roadmap improvements, and build a transparent process for forecasting, budgeting, and developing realistic project timelines.    … Continued

Are You Online? Digital Marin Surveys Public on Internet Access

Thousands enjoy strong internet access in Marin County, and thousands more don’t. Digital Marin, an effort to develop a countywide roadmap to achieve digital equity for all, seeks feedback from the community about internet access. Officially launched in December 2020, Digital Marin has set the following goals: Everyone in Marin has access to high quality, affordable … Continued

Collaboration to Identify and Eliminate Gaps in ‘Digital Divide’

The City of San Rafael is part of a new cross-sector effort to develop a countywide strategic plan to address local internet access and digital equity gaps. The project, called Digital Marin, will look beyond infrastructure needs and identify opportunities for data sharing, efficiencies, resiliency, and digital service improvements. The plan will outline projects and … Continued

Canal WiFi and Digital Equity in San Rafael

Access to the internet is necessary for so many facets of our lives including getting news and information, participating in civic life, applying for jobs or unemployment, access to education, and more. Residents in San Rafael do not have equal access to the internet and computers at home. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated digital equity … Continued

Temporary Outdoor Dining & Retail Permits

We are partnering with the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Business Improvement District to support our incredible business community as best as possible. Starting next week, the latest Marin County Public Health order will allow outdoor dining and retail based on the following guidelines: Guidelines for retail Guidelines for restaurants To facilitate outdoor dining … Continued

Canal Neighborhood WiFi Network

On Monday, the City Council will hear an informational report about a project to increase internet connectivity in the Canal Neighborhood. With the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, including school closures, students and employees need access to reliable internet now more than ever—to complete homework, apply for government assistance, and sign up for food assistance. … Continued

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