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City of San Rafael Request for Proposals for Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) (CLOSED)

Posted on March 7, 2022

Proposal Deadline Extended to April 29, 2022

The City of San Rafael  seeks to implement a commercially available, native cloud-based (SaaS) ERP solution that provides broad administrative functionality, long term sustainability and adaptability, and a modern user experience.

The City has undertaken extensive user research to determine the needs across the City and how they relate to various functionality in the ERP system . Your proposal should be submitted as a combination of written content and recorded video product demonstrations where this document can be used as a guide for the demo script.  Please note any area(s) not directly supported by the ERP before the demo and provide possible vendors.

Download the Request for Proposal for Enterprise Resource Planning System

Download the Enterprise Resource Planning System FAQs


The City of San Rafael currently manages a technology environment for financial transactions that relies on manual entry, imports and exports of CSVs, paper-based processes, and disparate solutions for maintaining financial records and reporting incoming revenue and budgeting. Workarounds, manual processes, and the lack of software integrations have impacted the efficiency of financial operations including causing user error, duplicate or mis-recorded transactions, and an inability to track data across the City.

The City of San Rafael’s current on-premises ERP system, “Eden” by Tyler Technologies, has reached end of life. The City wishes to replace it with a cloud-based SaaS ERP system.  The city expects to have ~75 users of the ERP system in various capacities and ~400 employees in the payroll system.  We are looking for a new landscape of software solutions to help us manage a digital workforce.

The City seeks a formal proposal from respondents to assist in establishing an ERP initiative that will:

  • Replace the City’s current ERP system and provide additional capabilities not available in the current system
  • Reduce duplicative data entry
  • Eliminate department and system specific “shadow” systems, such as MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Access database, manual reports, and forms that staff use because our current enterprise systems do not meet their needs
  • Simplify and standardize processes
  • Reduce manual processes
  • Eliminate multiple sources of the same data, information, and other electronic content
  • Improve or upgrade reporting tools
  • Integrate core ERP systems and other systems beyond the core

RFP Contact

With the release of this RFP, all communications must be directed in writing via email to the contact person below. No other City employee, consultant, or contractor is empowered to speak for the City with respect to this RFP. Any oral communication is considered unofficial and non-binding to the City. After the proposal deadline, vendors should not contact the RFP Coordinator or any other City official or employee, except to respond to a request by the RFP Coordinator.

The RFP contact is:

Claire Coleman
Finance Department


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