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City of San Rafael Request for Proposals for Telephone System Replacement

Posted on March 18, 2022



The City of San Rafael (“City”) has determined that it would be in its best interest to cancel the solicitation and reject all proposals. The City recognizes the current budgeted amount may be insufficient. The City’s intention is to revise the Statement of Work and reissue the RFP at a later date. All proposers will be notified if and when a new RFP is released. The City appreciates and understands firms went through great effort in preparing a response.

This decision is made in accordance with Section 12. RFP Terms and Conditions within the proposal documents, in which the City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received.

The City sincerely regrets for any inconvenience on the part of the proposers.


The City of San Rafael seeks to implement a commercially available, cloud-based, unified communication system. The City is currently using an aging End of Life and End of Support ShoreTel voice-over IP (“VOIP”) office phone system that is 12 years old, has technical issues, and does not meet the City growing requirements.

The City wishes to use this opportunity to evaluate new communications technology that will increase productivity, enhance service quality and unify the various communication services across the City.

RFP Contact

With the release of this RFP, all communications must be directed in writing via email to the contact person below. No other City employee, consultant, or contractor is empowered to speak for the City with respect to this RFP. Any oral communication is considered unofficial and non-binding to the City. After the proposal deadline, vendors should not contact the RFP Coordinator or any other City official or employee, except to respond to a request by the RFP Coordinator.

The RFP Contact is:

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