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Category: Citizen of the Year

Tom Harrison, Public Service Award 2024

Tom Harrison was selected as the recipient of the Public Service Award due to his consistent level of selflessness demonstrated in his volunteer work spanning over a decade. He single-handedly maintains the path between Bahia Vista Elementary School and Spinnaker Point. He weeds, prunes, takes out dead plant material, cleans up litter, and coordinates group … Continued

Melissa Prandi, Public Service Award 2023

Melissa Prandi was selected as the recipient of the Public Service Award due to her consistent level of selflessness demonstrated throughout her life’s work. As a business owner in San Rafael, she models community engagement and encourages her team to participate in volunteer work. Melissa has spent much of her time volunteering with the San … Continued

Samantha Ramirez, Citizen of the Year 2022

Samantha Ramirez is committed to uplifting the community in which she resides, both in her work and her extracurricular activities. As a bilingual and bicultural community member with family from El Salvador and Honduras, she has worked hard to be a powerful bridge between the LatinX communities in San Rafael and the bodies that govern … Continued

Shirley Fischer, Citizen of the Year 2021

Shirley Fischer has dedicated her life to civic participation for the greater good of the community, and since she moved to Terra Linda 40 years ago she has been consistently active in bringing together community members and organizations to foster communication between residents and the City, to develop a common vision of community needs and … Continued

Dominican Sisters, Citizen of the Year 2020

The Dominican Sisters of San Rafael have had an unparalleled impact on the community in the areas of education, social justice and health care. For more than 100 years, the Sisters have provided uncompromising leadership in the community through their extensive education mission at Dominican University, The Garden School, San Domenico School, and the Osher … Continued

Jeff Craemer, Citizen of the Year 2019

Jeff Craemer is a long-time resident of San Rafael who is well known for his community and civic involvement. As a San Rafael Fire Foundation Board Member and a Marin History Museum advocate, Jeff has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy into making San Rafael a great place to live and work. In … Continued

Andy Bachich, Citizen of the Year 2018

Andy Bachich is a long-time resident of and business owner in San Rafael who is well known for his entrepreneurship, as well as his community and civic involvement.  As a San Rafael High School student, Andy started with a good, hard-work ethic and a love for the San Rafael community. In 2006, the days were … Continued

Tamra Peters & Bill Carney, Citizens of the Year 2017

Tamra Peters & Bill Carney’s commitment and passion for San Rafael’s future is unwavering. Tamra & Bill have devoted countless hours to help educate and advocate for a more sustainable San Rafael community and planet. They have volunteered an estimated 60 hours per week to the San Rafael community, benefiting our parks, open space and numerous City committees and … Continued

David Haydon, Citizen of the Year 2016

David Haydon’s dedication and passion for the San Rafael community is authentic and tireless. He founded II Davide Restaurant, 20 years ago, and built a successful business through challenging economic times. In addition to running one of the top restaurants in San Rafael and indeed Marin County, he strives to give back to the San Rafael … Continued

Diane Henderson, Citizen of the Year 2015

Diane Henderson is a Marin County native and a 25 -year resident of San Rafael who is well known for her volunteer work and civic involvement in the community. While known to be a passionate resident, Diane has had a “quiet touch” in her involvement with and contribution to many of the City’s most respected … Continued

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