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Apply to Planning Online!

In an effort to make more services available online, Planning is now taking applications online!

**If this is an application for development on vacant land, please email planning@cityofsanrafael.org for the best way to proceed. The online system will not let you start a project on a vacant lot.**

Please read the steps below, view the video below and/or click the following link to read the instructional document to help understand the current process.

All applications need the General Planning Application attached. This needs to be signed by the property owner and include an email address for the owner.

Step 1:

Create an account and sign into our online permit system  review the General Application Submittal Requirements, and attach the required materials which normally include at minimum:

Step 2:

Once the information is received, Staff will review the documents submitted and contact you to go over the project and the documents submitted and then create the required planning application types in our online permit tracking software.

Step 3:

The last step to the application process is to submit any other required documents that you may have missed and pay the project fees. Staff will send you an invoice, written instructions and the link to get started paying online.

Please Note: an application is not "submitted" or assigned to a planner until after the fees are paid and all documents required at intake are submitted. Please contact us at planning@cityofsanrafael.org  if you have any questions.

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