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Do I need to live in the unit I want to use as a Short-Term Rental?

Yes, only the “Permanent Resident” can offer their home as a short-term rental and the home must be their “Primary Residence” A “Primary Resident” is a person who occupies a Residential Unit for at least 60 consecutive days with intent to establish that unit as his or her primary residence. A Permanent Resident may be … Continued

Can I use my Accessory Dwelling Unit as a Short-Term Rental?

The City allows for Accessory Structures (ex. Accessory Dwelling Units, Junior Dwelling Units, and Accessory Structures less than 120 square feet) to be used as Short-Term Rentals. These units must still meet the primary residency requirements. However, You cannot offer an entire single home or residential unit and the accessory structure at the same time. … Continued

What properties are ineligible to be used as a Short-Term Rental

The following properties cannot be used as a short-term rental: Income-restricted affordable housing, including Below-Market-Rate (BMR) units and public housing Student housing, dormitories and Single-Room-Occupancy (SRO) buildings Commercial or industrial zoned lots Non-residential areas within buildings, such as storage areas, and living/sleeping quarters added in garages Recreation Vehicles (RVs), including non-motorized Travel Trailers Boats/House Boats … Continued

What properties are eligible to be a Short-Term Rental?

A property must meet the following four criteria to be eligible for short-term rental use: All or a portion of the Residential Unit is offered for Tourist or Transient Use by the Permanent Resident of the Residential Unit the Residential Unit is the Primary Residence of the Permanent Resident the Permanent Resident is a natural … Continued

What is a Short-Term Rental?

A short-term residential rental is a rental of all or a portion of your home for periods of less than 30 nights.

Short-Term Rental Program Resources

Policy Resolution 14737- Short-Term Rental Program Policies and Procedures  Ordinance 1976- ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF SAN RAFAEL CITY COUNCIL  AMENDING SECTION 14.03.030 AND SECTION 3.20.020 OF THE SAN  RAFAEL MUNICIPAL CODE, AND ADDING NEW CHAPTER 10.110 ENTITLED  “SHORT-TERM RENTAL PROGRAM” Overview of leading regulatory and enforcement approaches used by local governments to achieve common … Continued


November 4th & 18th City Council Meeting As follow-up to an informational report presented to the San Rafael City Council on August 5, 2019, a draft ordinance and policy resolution have been prepared addressing short-term rentals.  Specifically, the ordinance and policy resolution propose to establish regulations for permitting, administering, enforcing, and taxing short-term rentals. At … Continued

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