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Seeds of Hope

Welcome to the Seeds of Hope Luncheon

The Seeds of Hope Luncheon events are dedicated to bringing together individuals, local businesses, and organizations committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness in San Rafael. Seeds of Hope  unites over 20 service providers offering a range of services, including veterinary care, medical assistance, haircuts, massages, housing, case management resources, and books from the San Rafael Library. Each event features a catered lunch, with recent events serving hundreds of community members.

If you are interested in learning more about Seeds of Hope or want to contribute to the event please contact:

Lynn Murphy
Mental Health Outreach Provider

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Our Story

Lynn Murphy, a Mental Health Outreach Provider with the City of San Rafael, catalyzed the Seeds of Hope initiative during a leadership class she participated in with Charis Baz, Senior Analyst with Marin County HHS Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.  They were looking for ways to provide meaningful pro-social activities for those experiencing homelessness.

As part of the course, Lynn and Charis embarked on a project to bring essential services to community members experiencing homelessness. The initiative's name, "Seeds of Hope," was inspired by a heartfelt remark from a patron at one of these events, who expressed that the events gave him "a seed of hope" that things can get better.

The initiative officially began in 2021 within the San Rafael Social Service Area (SSA), where activities like art projects, meditation sessions, and social gatherings with coffee and donuts were introduced. These activities were designed to foster social connections and community relationships, not just access to services.

When the SSA closed, the program adapted by continuing its activities in the Marin Multicultural Center parking lot. In Winter 2022, the program shifted its focus to organizing luncheons at the San Rafael Community Center. These luncheons were aimed at bringing together various service providers to offer meals and services on a larger scale. The first of these luncheons featured ten service providers, and these events have been held quarterly since, with each occasion expanding its range of services. We're excited to continue to grow the event and make a positive impact on the lives of all particpants.

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Seeds of Hope Sponsors

Thank you Marin Human, Buckelew Programs, OD Free Marin, Canal Alliance, Multicultural Center of Marin, Marin Health and Human Services, Kaiser Permanente, Spahr Center, Forrest Fire BBQ, Community Action Marin, Legal Aid of Marin/ Community Court, Assurance Wireless, California Connect phones, Career Point, Clean Slate, Clipper Start, Marin BHRS,  Marin Community Clinic, Marin Sanitary Services, Mental Health Advocates of Marin/Enterprise Resource Center, Ritter Center and the many individuals providing hairdressing, acupuncture, catering and massage services.

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