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Ordinance Regulating Camping on Public Property

On May 6, 2024, the City Council passed Ordinance 2035, amending its regulations for camping on public property by individuals experiencing homelessness.

The ordinance will be effective starting on June 5, 2024. Recent changes to the camping ordinance include restrictions on the maximum space allowed for campsites, and minimum distances those campsites must be located from private property lines, other campsites, and schools, for individuals with no alternative shelter available. The City also has committed to providing longer warning and notice periods to individuals in violation of the ordinance, and will assist them in knowing how they can comply. These changes reflect the City's commitment to addressing homelessness through a compassionate and balanced approach.

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What are the main changes to the ordinance?

Campsite Size Restrictions:

The changes to the camping ordinance are aimed at improving clarity and effectiveness. These include allowing campsites of up to 200 sq. ft. for one person and 400 sq. ft. for up to 4 people camping together; this doubles the space for an individual allowed in the prior ordinance.

Proximity and Safety Buffers:

Campsites must now maintain a 10-foot clearance area around each campsite and a 10-foot setback to any other campsite, public utility infrastructure, or neighboring private properties; the prior ordinance required much more distance between campsites. The former ordinance required spacing of 200 ft between campsites; this requirement is eliminated.

Proximity to Schools:

The changes add a requirement that camps be located a minimum of 250 ft from the property line of any preschool or K-12 school.

Additionally, the changes clarify that enforcement will only take place after a person in violation receives notices and opportunities to comply.

When would the changes take effect?

As required by California law, the newly enacted local ordinance will take effect 30 days after its passage. The regulations will be effective on June 5, 2024.

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