Do I need a business license and how do I get one?

A business license is a tax required of most businesses that conduct business within the city limits of San Rafael, even if your physical office is located outside city limits. Business license taxes help to pay for street maintenance, police and fire protection, and other services that benefit businesses and the general public.

You need a business license if your business is physically located within San Rafael or you conduct business within the San Rafael city limits. You should apply for a business license within 45 days of the start of the business.

There are four types of business licenses:

  • In Town (for retailers, professionals, home-based businesses, and most other physical locations within city limits)
  • Out of Town (for businesses such as contractors and gardeners from outside city limits as well as pumpkin patch/Christmas tree lot operators without a physical office in San Rafael)
  • Apartments (for apartments or certain other residential rental properties)
  • Film Shoot (for filming on public or private property)

You can apply for a business license online.

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