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FAQ Topic: Transportation

Can I pay Marin Parking Authority tickets here?

Sorry, you cannot pay Marin Parking Authority tickets with the City of San Rafael. The City of San Rafael and Marin Parking Authority are separate agencies.  The Marin Parking Authority handles all parking citations received in Marin County except San Rafael. You may call (800) 989-2058, or pay online. The Marin Parking Authority does not have a local office. … Continued

How are speed limits set?

The following speed limits are established by State law and do not need to be posted in order to be enforced: 25 MPH speed limit in business and residential districts 25 MPH in school zones when children are present 15 MPH speed limit in alleys; at intersections and railroad crossings where visibility is limited and … Continued

People are speeding in my neighborhood. How can I get them to slow down?

At the neighborhood and community level, outreach and education between neighbors can be helpful in increasing traffic safety, particularly in reducing speeding. Most tickets and crashes take place close to home, and many speeders live in the neighborhoods in which they are speeding. Education campaigns can include presentations to community groups, door-to-door visits, stickers and … Continued

What causes traffic in San Rafael?

Traffic results for many reasons. One of the reasons for increased traffic in San Rafael is the current upswing in the economy (more people are working and shopping). Another is increased construction activity (both public and private). We upgraded all of our signals so they can communicate with the SMART train (so when the train … Continued

How do I get around the city?

We have lots of great local bus routes provided by Marin Transit. Golden Gate Transit also provides regional bus service to San Francisco, the East Bay, and Sonoma County. San Rafael is also connected to the North Bay 101 corridor by the SMART Train. You can conveniently pay for all types of Bay Area transit … Continued

Do I need an encroachment permit?

Encroachment permits are required if you plan to do any construction work in the public right-of-way. Meaning, any work in the sidewalk area, in an easement, on city owned property (median islands, parks, city facilities) or in the street. Common reasons you’ll need one: Utility saw-cuts Excavation News stands Bicycle racks Sidewalk dining Debris boxes … Continued

Where can I find an electric vehicle charging station in San Rafael?

We have electric vehicle chargers available to the public in four parking locations in Downtown: 3rd/A St Garage 3rd/C St Garage 3rd/Cijos St lot Fifth Ave/Lootens Place lot EV charging is FREE to any of our parking customers; however, hourly payment for parking is still required. Users must register with ChargePoint and activate a ChargePoint card. If you don’t … Continued

How do I find my bus route or schedule?

For local bus routes and schedules, check out Marin Transit’s maps and routes and the Local Bus Service Map. For regional bus service, you’ll want to view Golden Gate Transit’s schedules. To see them both in one place, try Google Maps or maybe a specialty app like Transit App.

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