FAQ Topic: Request Ceremonial Items

Adjournments in Memory

Purpose: City Council meetings can be adjourned to commemorate and celebrate the life of San Rafael community members who have died. Requests for memorial adjournments should include: The name of the person to be memorialized A brief (<200 words) summary of the individual’s connection to the City of San Rafael and contributions to the community … Continued


Purpose: The City issues special certificates of commendation, recognition, and achievement to residents/organizations/businesses for their exemplary services rendered to the City of San Rafael and its residents when resolutions and or proclamations are not appropriate due to the number of persons being commended or the type of service. Occasions for which certificates may be issued … Continued


Purpose: The City issues proclamations to declare a day, week, or month in honor of a cause, individual, or occasion significant to the City of San Rafael and its residents. Reasons to request a proclamation include but are not limited to: A significant date or anniversary relating to the City of San Rafael Significant anniversaries … Continued

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