The City issues proclamations to declare a day, week, or month in honor of a cause, individual, or occasion significant to the City of San Rafael and its residents. Reasons to request a proclamation include but are not limited to:

  • A significant date or anniversary relating to the City of San Rafael
  • Significant anniversaries of City of San Rafael-based institutions, corporations, community partners, and non-profit organizations
  • Issues with widespread community interest with a primary emphasis on requests in support of City Council’s goals and objectives
  • Significant historical commemorations
  • Civic celebrations with cultural significance
  • To highlight an issue that has citywide public interest
  • Recognizing a person or group of persons who have had a significant positive impact on the City of San Rafael

Requests for proclamations should include:

  • Proposed text for the proclamation, including up to 5 sentences “whereas” clauses explaining and supporting the reason for the proclamation, not to exceed one page. See sample language here.
  • Websites, articles, and any relevant online platforms to support the reasoning for the proclamation
  • Contact information for the person requesting the proclamation
  • Date proclamation is desired
  • Method of delivery of certificate: 1) Pickup at City Hall 2) Email printable PDF


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