The City issues special certificates of commendation, recognition, and achievement to residents/organizations/businesses for their exemplary services rendered to the City of San Rafael and its residents when resolutions and or proclamations are not appropriate due to the number of persons being commended or the type of service. Occasions for which certificates may be issued include but are not limited to:

  • Exemplary service or significant contributions by an organization, business, or individual to the City of San Rafael
  • Notable achievement by a City of San Rafael resident (ex. Years of service to a public agency, non-profit, volunteering, advocacy, recognized professional award)
  • Other achievements or events of significance

Requests for Certificates should include:

  • Recipient’s full name
  • A brief (<200 words) summary of the person, organization, or event and their connection to San Rafael and contributions to the community
  • Date of event (if applicable)
  • Date certificate is desired
  • Contact information for the person requesting the certificate
  • Method of delivery of certificate: 1) Pickup at City Hall or 2) Email printable PDF
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