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FAQ Topic: Northgate Mall Redevelopment

2025 Master Plan (Submitted 5/9/2023)

2025 Master Plan Overview Residential Lot 1 Residential Lot 2 Residential Lot 3 Residential Lot 4 Cinema and Parking Structure Retail Major 1, Shops 1 Retail Major 2, Shops 2 (part 1) Retail Major 2, Shops 2 (part 2) Retail Pad 1 and Pad 2    

Scope of Future Meetings

Target Planning Commission Hearing(s). The purpose of the Planning Commission hearing(s) will be to consider the Final EIR document and all of the requested entitlements for the project (e.g. design review, tentative subdivision map, zoning amendments and development agreement) and to provide a recommendation to the City Council regarding these entitlements. Such a recommendation could … Continued

List of Entitlements

Zoning Amendments – A Zoning Map and Zoning Text Amendment to the Planned Development (PD) Overlay Zone that outlines allowable land uses, development standards, and a development plan for the proposed project. Development Agreement – A Development Agreement to set forth development terms between the applicant and the City. Vesting Tentative Map – A Vesting … Continued

Draft EIR

The Northgate Town Square Draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR) document may be reviewed using the link below. Draft EIR – Full Document

Technical Reports

Transportation Impact Study (1/14/2023) Traffic Operations Study (1/14/2023) Water Supply Assessment (12/2/2022) Biological Resources (5/25/2022)

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