Pride Flag

The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month


List of Entitlements

  • Zoning Amendments – A Zoning Map and Zoning Text Amendment to the Planned Development (PD) Overlay Zone that outlines allowable land uses, development standards, and a development plan for the proposed project.
  • Development Agreement – A Development Agreement to set forth development terms between the applicant and the City.
  • Vesting Tentative Map – A Vesting Tentative map to divide the property into 18 parcels.
  • Use Permit – a Master Use Permit for a mix of uses and the phasing plan.
  • Environmental and Design Review Permit – An Environmental and Design Review Permit to approve the overall site plan, architecture, landscaping, building design and other site improvements for the project.
  • Master Sign Program – A Sign Program to specify the property name, logo, taglines, fonts, colors, and sign design used on all freestanding and building attached signs.
  • Density Bonus —
  • An incentive/concession/waiver to increase the height limit for project buildings across the property to 78 feet, including elevator penthouses and other projections of up to 12 feet above the 78-foot height limit. The applicant has indicated that it is making this request for an incentive/concession/waiver, in part, to enable current plans to include 100 lower-density townhomes along the southern edge of the Property. Previous plans included multi-family residential apartments of moderate height in this location. In response to City requests that the project include a buffer next to existing residential uses, the project applicant replaced apartments with townhomes to reduce heights significantly in this area.
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