FAQ Topic: Northgate Mall Redevelopment

Comprehensive Plan Set (Submitted 5/9/2023)

Plan Set (Part 1) Plan Set (Part 2) Plan Set (Part 3) Plan Set (Part 4) Plan Set (Part 5) Plan Set (Part 6) Plan Set (Part 7) Plan Set (Part 8) Plan Set (Part 9) Plan Set (Part 10) Plan Set (Part 11) Plan Set (Part 12) Plan Set (Part 13) Plan Set (Part … Continued

2025 Master Plan (Submitted 5/9/2023)

2025 Master Plan Overview Residential Lot 1 Residential Lot 2 Residential Lot 3 Residential Lot 4 Cinema and Parking Structure Retail Major 1, Shops 1 Retail Major 2, Shops 2 (part 1) Retail Major 2, Shops 2 (part 2) Retail Pad 1 and Pad 2    

Scope of Future Meetings

2nd DRB Review. Staff will seek Design Review Board (DRB) and community input on the overall site plan for the entire project and will include review of: pedestrian and bicycle circulation; overall landscaping plan for the entire project; and on the architecture of the proposed new and updated commercial buildings. 3rd DRB Review. Staff will … Continued

List of Entitlements

Zoning Amendments – A Zoning Map and Zoning Text Amendment to the Planned Development (PD) Overlay Zone that outlines allowable land uses, development standards, and a development plan for the proposed project. Development Agreement – A Development Agreement to set forth development terms between the applicant and the City. Vesting Tentative Map – A Vesting … Continued

Draft EIR

A DRAFT EIR is currently being prepared and will be added here once it is released for public review

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