FAQ Topic: Minor Temporary Encroachment Permits

Other jobs requiring a Minor Temporary Encroachment Permit

Closure for limited periods of public streets, driveways or public areas not under control of the State or the County Closure for limited periods of time of public sidewalks Construction required for installation of sidewalks, driveways approaches, curbs and gutters, including underdrains, underground facilities, and sewer laterals Painting of address numbers on curbs Painting/washing of … Continued

Sewer Lateral

Any sewer lateral work that includes construction in the right of way requires an encroachment permit. A sewer permit is needed from your sanitary sewer provider – San Rafael Sanitation District or┬áLas Gallinas Sanitary District.


Any driveway improvements that include work in the right of way requires an encroachment permit. There is the standard minor temporary encroachment permit fee associated with driveway work, see diagram below:


Sidewalk, curb and gutter construction require a Minor Temporary Encroachment Permit, but there is no fee. All requirements of a Encroachment Permit apply except the fee. See diagram below for details on work associated with a no fee encroachment permit. A Minor Temporary Encroachment Permit is also required for the construction of installation of sidewalks, … Continued

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