FAQ Topic: Homelessness

How Can You help?

The best way to assist people experiencing homelessness in Marin is to donate or volunteer directly through social service agencies and community groups working with our community.  Please do not donate directly to the Service Support Area as the bulk of donations are discarded and contribute to the collection of debris at the site. Homeward … Continued

How many people are homeless in Marin?

In January of every odd year, the federal government requires communities across the country to conduct “point-in-time” counts of every person experiencing homelessness. Because of COVID-19 public health guidelines, communities could opt out of conducting the PIT in 2021, and that’s what Marin County decided to do. However, in its place, the County coordinated a … Continued

What can be done for clearly mentally ill people?

Most people experiencing homelessness in Marin cite an economic reason for their homelessness. However, for the minority of people experiencing chronic homelessness, over 70% report experiencing some type of emotional or psychiatric challenge. Sadly, the mental health system in this country has been severely eroded over the last few decades and new laws make it … Continued

What does the term chronic Homelessness mean?

For the vast majority of people who become homeless, it is a brief, one-time experience that usually resolves itself in a matter of weeks or month. However, for approximately 1/4 of the people experiencing homelessness in Marin County are chronically homeless. Chronic homelessness is long-term homelessness that accompanied by a disability (e.g. mental illness, physical … Continued

What is Housing First?

People become homeless for a wide variety of reasons, yet every person experiencing homelessness has one thing in common: they lack housing. Despite this somewhat obvious fact, providing housing is sometimes the last issue communities prioritize. Instead, people experiencing homelessness often hear, “We can provide housing for you, but …  You need to get sober … Continued

What is a Case Worker/Manager?

The City Council approved roughly $260,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to go towards additional Case Workers through the County of Marin (also known as case managers) to help people take advantage of the housing vouchers made available through the federal stimulus program. These Case Workers are being hired and deployed in the City … Continued

What is Project Roomkey?

Project Roomkey is State of California initiative that has provided an estimated 15,600 motel and hotels rooms for people experiencing homelessness statewide and who were vulnerable to COVID-19 due to preexisting conditions, including over 140 here in Marin.  What is Project Homekey? In June of 2021, the Governor announced “Project Homekey”, which set aside approximately $600 million for the … Continued

What resources has San Rafael used to help individuals that are experiencing homelessness find permanent housing?

San Rafael continues to be a countywide leader in the development of new housing options for people experiencing homelessness. This includes:  City Council allocated $1.3M in funding to support the County’s purchase of 3301 Kerner Boulevard through the State’s Project Homekey initiative. (which will create 44 units of permanent supportive housing)  · City Council authorized up to $260,000 … Continued

Has the SSA been effective?

Currently, there are 50 individuals living within the Service Support Area. 100% of occupants were chronically homeless in San Rafael and 14 are now receiving case management support. Marin County Health and Human Services has confirmed that having individuals in a safe place where their social worker can work with them is already getting people … Continued

Why is it beneficial to have an SSA?

A benefit of the Service Support Area is that it creates a convenient place for our community partners to provide services and they are doing so, some weekly and some multiple times per week. There are many great examples, including:  Downtown Streets Team is providing weekly site clean-up, mobile shower service, outreach, and recruitment efforts  … Continued

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