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Request for Proposals – Sanctioned Camping/Safe Sleeping and Interim Housing Programs

Posted on May 21, 2024


RFP Released May 20, 2024; Proposals Due June 12, 2024 at 5 p.m.

Seeking Proposals to provide the following Operational Services and Support in Sanctioned Camping / Safe Sleeping Programs, and Interim Housing Programs:

  • Property and Program Management, including operations and security oversight 24/7/365
  • Security Contractors, trained in de-escalation and harm reduction, present 24/7/365
  • Mobile Shower and Laundry Services, twice weekly
  • Waste Management and Hauling Services (including hazardous material disposal), at least weekly


The City of San Rafael is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to provide property/program management, health and sanitation services, and/or security services to a safe sleeping site and potential interim housing site in the City for individuals experiencing homelessness. The City is seeking vendors to provide these services beginning in July 2024 and continuing for up to three years in total, divided into two program phases:

  • In the first phase, the City will sanction an area for camping and make safety/sanitation improvements to the encampment area. This phase will operate as a low-barrier, housing-focused safe sleeping site.
  • Once it is feasible, the City will replace the sanctioned camp with a non-congregate housing-focused interim shelter program at a site still to be chosen within the City.

Marin County Health and Human Services (HHS) and the City jointly applied for and received a commitment of state funding under Encampment Resolution Funding Round 3 (ERF-3). The grant will serve up to 65 individuals experiencing homelessness in the Mahon Creek Area of San Rafael. The City will lead and oversee the site and operational needs of interim housing operations detailed in this RFP. The County is the administrative sponsor and lead agency for the grant, and will lead and oversee social services to be contracted separately from this RFP.

The County and City have made numerous investments in services for the unhoused population as encampments have grown in the vicinity of downtown San Rafael in the last year. Some individuals have successfully exited homelessness in this encampment, but numerous health and safety issues remain around uncontrolled and unsanctioned encampments.

Ending homelessness is one of the City’s top goals and objectives, and the planned managed camp and non-congregate shelter project seeks to open pathways to housing while maximizing public health and safety. The City expects that the projects provide access to social services and a 24/7/365 presence by a professional operator and security team, to provide a safe, crime-free environment within and immediately around the camp and obtain better housing outcomes.

The City also wishes to procure the services of health and sanitation providers; in particular the City seeks vendors that can provide at least weekly trash handling/hauling services in the encampments, and vendors to provide twice weekly mobile shower and laundry services.

Other social services covered by the grant, including housing-based case management and outreach, will be contracted separately through the County of Marin’s vendor pool.

Service providers will be selected based on adherence to the following criteria:

Property Management and Operations in Sanctioned Camping / Safe Sleeping Programs, and Interim Housing program models:

  • A proven track record of providing effective services to address homelessness in Marin County and/or the Bay Area.
  • Strong organizational structure, experienced management, solid finances, the ability to track and report data, meet deadlines, and operate with a high degree of
  • A demonstrated commitment to a “Housing First” approach, providing or leading to permanent housing solutions.
  • A commitment to ensuring that services provided are consistent with City ordinances, policies, and practices.
  • A commitment to collaborate with service providers and the local system of
  • Ability to provide 24/7/365 staffing and oversight, and to add staff capacity
  • Responsiveness to local business and resident community concerns
  • Bilingual (Spanish – English) capabilities

Security Contractors:

  • Ability to provide 24/7 staffing and to add staff capacity
  • Security providers must be licensed and bonded with the California Bureau of Investigative Services or partnered with a qualified All guard staff must possess current Guard Cards.
  • Strong staff training program, including training in de-escalation
  • Guards must be CPR certified and trained in providing first aid and
  • A commitment to accurately collecting and providing City and/or service providers with daily activity and incident logs.
  • A commitment to ensuring that enforcement is consistent with City ordinances, policies and practices.
  • A commitment to collaborating effectively with the City’s service providers, Police and Fire Departments, as well as other City departments.
  • Strong organizational structure, experienced management, solid finances, the ability to track and report data, meet deadlines, and operate with a high degree of
  • Experience providing security to a managed camp, safe parking program and/or non- congregate shelter preferred. (Note that guards will not be armed.)
  • Bilingual (Spanish – English) capabilities

Mobile Shower and Laundry Services

  • Experience providing mobile shower/laundry services
  • Adequate resources to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in mobile
  • Ability to operate within health and safety regulations, including waste disposal and water usage guidelines.
  • Capacity to serve a large number of individuals efficiently and with
  • Demonstrated commitment to client-centered care and respect for individual
  • Track record of collaborating with local authorities, nonprofits, and other stakeholders to address the needs of homeless populations.
  • Positive references from previous clients or partners in the homeless services
  • Bilingual (Spanish – English) capabilities highly desired

Waste Management and Hauling Services

  • Experience in waste management and hauling (experience specifically tailored to encampments and homeless populations is preferred)
  • Compliance with regulations and permit requirements related to waste disposal and environmental protection.
  • Capacity to safely handle hazardous materials, such as needles and biohazardous
  • Ability to coordinate with local authorities, outreach teams, and community organizations to identify and prioritize areas in need of waste management services.
  • Deployment of appropriate equipment and personnel to effectively clean up and haul waste from encampments, including trucks, bins, and protective gear.
  • Experience working with sensitivity with homeless individuals and respecting their rights and privacy during waste removal operations.
  • Positive track record and references from previous clients or partners in waste management and homeless services sectors.

Letters of interest should include:

  • A statement of qualifications, demonstrating that respondent meets criteria listed above
  • A description of respondent’s experience working with people experiencing homelessness, especially within a managed camp, and/or non-congregate shelter
  • A description of how respondent might design this intervention, including proposed staffing structure and essential program requirements
  • Cost estimates for the respondent’s proposed services, including all staffing and administrative cost estimates.
  • Multiple references that can speak to the vendor’s capabilities to meet the City’s needs and requirements, with public sector partner references preferred


Please submit your letter of interest by email on or before June 12, 2024, at 5 p.m. to:

Chris Hess , Assistant Director, Community Development


Questions should be directed to Chris Hess at 415-458-5017,

To learn more about what the City of San Rafael is doing to address homelessness, please see:

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