Debris Boxes and Storage Containers

A Minor Temporary Encroachment Permit is required for all debris boxes and storage containers (i.e. portable on demand storage containers – PODS) placed on the street. Please note that an encroachment permit is not required if the debris box or storage container is placed on private property such as in a driveway and does not encroach on the sidewalk or right of way. We highly encourage property owners to explore these options prior to requesting a Moving / Debris Box Permit.

Requirements for a Minor Temporary Encroachment Permit for a debris box and/or storage container:

  • Review of the location of the debris box and/or storage container placed is in a safe location that does not block line of sight for motorist and pedestrians, and allows enough room in the street for first responders. Bike lanes and other bicycle and pedestrian facilities cannot be blocked.
  • Debris box and/or storage container must be adequately insured and the business issuing the box must have an active City of San Rafael Business License.
  • If you need to reserve space for your box, no parking signs or meter bags they can be picked up at parking services. They are located at 1400 5th Ave Tuesday – Thursday and the Al Boro Community Center (50 Canal St) Monday and Friday. The first sign is $50 and each additional sign is $4. The first meter bag is $66 for the first day and each additional bag is $16 per meter per day. No parking signs need to be placed at least 72 hours in advance to be enforceable. Meter bags are required to place a box in a metered parking space. No parking signs are not required to drop the box on a street with unrestricted parking. No parking signs are only recommended if space is limited and you are concerned about reserving space.
  • Debris box and/or storage container may not be placed on the street for more than 2 weeks, unless otherwise discussed with the Department of Public Works.
  • No more than one debris box and/or storage container per site may be used at one time, unless otherwise discussed with the Department of Public Works.
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