Terra Linda Pool


Terra Linda Community Pool
670 Del Ganado Rd
San Rafael
Hamilton Community Pool
203 El Bonito Drive

Please see below for the Terra Linda Pool schedule. Hamilton Pool is now closed for the season. Please remember that schedules may be subject to change.

Please note: We are no longer taking swim lesson or pool picnic site rentals for the 2022 season.

Current Admission Fees

Rates are determined based on age and residency.  

RESIDENCY - Proof of City of San Rafael residency is required for the Resident Rate at the Terra Linda Pool. Proof of Novato residency is required for the Resident Rate at the Hamilton Pool.  Residents paying daily admission or punch cards must provide valid identification verifying residency each time visiting the pool. Valid identification can include current driver’s license, utility bill with ID, or DMV car registration with ID. If you do not have valid ID, you will be required to pay the non-resident fee.

Daily Drop-in 

YOUTH  | 12 months -17 years old


ADULT  | 18 - 61 years old


OLDER ADULT  | 62 years and older


Recreation Swim

Recreation swim is open to all ages. Lap lanes are not available during this time.

Swim Tests

Swim Tests are required for swimmers under the age of 12 who want to swim in the deep end or use the Mighty Medley, which is only open during the summer. We may request swim tests of anyone over the age of 12 who may appear to need additional support in the water. The swim test can consist of swimming a minimum of 25 yards of the pool demonstrating comfort in the water and strength enough to swim the entire distance without stopping. Swimmers do not need to have perfect form but must be able to demonstrate rotary breathing.

Pool Closure Due to Maximum Capacity

To ensure public safety, we may reduce attendance due to a shortage of staff or when reaching maximum capacity on hot days. We staff the facility based on a guard to swimmer ratio. If it is a hot day or high attendance might be expected, please call the pool ahead to check for capacity closure.


Only Coast Guard-approved lifejackets are allowed for use in the pool. Children wearing lifejackets must be within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian. Anyone in a lifejacket may not swim alone or in deep water. Pool Noodles and swim toys are not allowed in the main pool.

Lap Swim/Water Walking

Swimmers who are a minimum of 12 years of age and can swim independently may lap swim and/or water walk. Swimmers either divide the lane or circle swim, depending on demand and skill level. Two swimmers will divide the lane but when a third swimmer enters the lane, circle swimming is required. During lap swim, you may also choose to relax pool side and not swim. Those who wish to water walk, may use an open lane or water walk in the shallow area when swim lessons are not scheduled.

Shared Space

Classes/Programs may be in session during Lap/Recreation swim times.

Tot Pool

The tot pool is open for non-swimmers under the age of 6. Supervision by an adult or caretaker who is at least 15 years of age is required. Lifejackets are not allowed in the tot pool.

Swim Diapers

Children who are not potty trained are required to wear an approved re-usable swim diaper. A diaper or a disposable swim diaper may not be worn alone. A re-usable swim diaper can be worn alone or over a disposable swim diaper.

Trial program for the fall season

We're excited to offer a trial program for the fall season! Many community members have requested that we extend into the fall so we are now offering lap swim, water gym and private group rentals through October 30, 2022. We'll also look at demand, weather, and available staffing to decide if we can extend beyond October.

We have developed a proposed fee schedule and if approved by the City Council, the new fee schedule will begin on October 4, 2022 for this pilot program. Please see below.

Terra Linda Pool Fall Schedule

Program Area



Lap Swim



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday



6:30am-9:45am, and 11am-1:30pm

Water Gym



Group Rentals

Inquire at terralindapool@cityofsanrafael.org


Terra Linda Pool proposed fall season pilot program fees to begin October 4, 2022, pending City Council approval on October 3, 2022.

Our team looked at anticipated demand, projected operating costs, and current staffing capabilities to develop the following proposed fee schedule:

Adult Resident Adult Non-Resident Youth/Senior Resident Youth/Senior Non-Resident
Drop-In Lap Swim $11 $14 $8 $11
5-Punch Pass $55 $70 $40 $55
10-Punch Pass $110 $140 $80 $110


We'll train and certify you!

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