What you'll need for your Massage Registration Permit

  • First if you do not already have an account will need to create one in the Epermit System and log into your account.
  • Then select "Apply / New Permit"
  • For New Massage Registrations, apply for the permit type "NEW MASSAGE REGISTRATION ONLINE"
  • You must include the following with your Massage Registration Permit:
    • San Rafael Business License Number
    • Copy of valid CMT Certificate
    • Copy of valid Drivers License
    • Business name and type information
    • Number of employees
  • No payment will be due at the time of application.  Once your application has been reviewed, you will be required to make payment.
  • Following payment in full, you will be sent you San Rafael Massage Registration Certificate via email.

NOTE: Please retain your login information to the online permit application site.  You will use this information to make payments online by credit card or check.

Anyone can apply for a permit online.  If you need help with your permit follow the "How to Apply for a Permit"  instructions in the video below.  If you still need assistance contact the department at 415-485-3367.

How to Apply for a Permit (Including Massage Registration Permits)

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