Code Enforcement Division


Hector Carlos, Code Enforcement Supervisor
1400 Fifth Ave, Top Floor
San Rafael, CA 94901
By Appointment Only

The City of San Rafael Code Enforcement Division is the enforcement arm of the Community Development Department. Our mission is to improve and maintain quality of life and protect the health and safety of our residents. Code Enforcement Officers work with the other city departments as well as the City Attorney’s Office to investigate and enforce violations of city and state code.

If you would like the Code Enforcement Division to investigate a potential violation or to learn more about the process, please click the “File a Complaint” button below. For other inquiries, you can contact us via the contact link to the left.

Code Enforcement Virtual Appointments 

Welcome to Virtual Code Enforcement, we continue to provide services with new and creative ways.  Below you can schedule an appointment.  This 20 minute appointment will let you talk to a staff member from Code Enforcement regarding your case.  Using the Microsoft Teams app you can share documents with us. If you don't want to download the app, you can also join the call in your browser.

 Notice:    Appointments are booked consecutively so bear with us as we try to wrap the current call, if that appt. runs long we will be with you as quickly as possible.  Please have all necessary documents available on your virtual screen for you can share with us.

Click Here to Book Your Appointment 

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