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Category: Fire Station 52

Fire Station 52 Update November 2017

Project Progress During the month of November, Alten Construction continued to work on the Fire Station Building; the Classroom Building and the retaining wall/ bio-retention on the east side of the site. At the Fire Station Building, the contractor continued with theĀ  excavation and installation of all under slab utilities and water-proofed the elevator pit. … Continued

Fire Station 52 Update September 2017

Project Progress During the month of September, Alten construction prepared the Classroom Building for a concrete slab placement. During the preparation, the contractor placed the slab rock, 15 mil vapor barrier, slab rebar, still anchor bolt plates and all utility stubs. After the pour the contractor cured the slab by flooding it with 2 to … Continued

Fire Station 52 Update July 2017

Executive Summary In November 2013, Measure E was passed by the voters of San Rafael extending for 20 years an existing 0.5% sales tax and adding 0.25% in an effort to set aside funds to begin to address the aging public safety facilities in San Rafael. In July 2015 the City Council approved a strategic … Continued

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