FAQ Topic: Vegetation Management FAQ

Are There Any Exemptions to S.R.M.C. 4.12?

Exemptions to these regulations, including for erosion control, may be granted at the discretion of the fire chief or their designee. Please find more information at: srfd.org/exemption-program/

Our Property Line Is 10’ From Our Home and There Are Several Properties Adjoining, All with Overgrown Vegetation. Do Our Neighbors Have Responsibility to Maintain Defensible Space on Their Land Adjoining Us?

Yes, San Rafael code requires all property owners to maintain defensible space. Some other Marin fire agencies have also adopted fire code language that may require neighboring properties to provide some vegetation clearance to protect their neighbor’s home. State law does not necessarily require this. San Rafael and FIRESafe MARIN encourage neighbors to work together … Continued

Who Can I Hire to Clear Weeds from Around My House?

Most homeowners need a landscape or tree contractor to clear grass, weeds, and brush from around their home. See the contractor’s page at FireSafe Marin – www.firesafemarin.org/contractors for links to local contractors who’ve received basic training.

Can I Hire Your Goats to Clear My Back Yard?

We don’t own goats. San Rafael, the County of Marin, FIRESafe MARIN, and other local agencies contract with private goat herders to reduce vegetation hazards on large parcels. Goats are usually only cost effective for larger properties of 5-10 or more acres due to transportation cost and logistics. In most cases, for small properties of … Continued

I Need To Remove A Dead Tree or Cut Vegetation Around My Home. Who Can I Hire to Do This Work?

See https://www.firesafemarin.org/contractors for a list of contractors who’ve completed basic training in wildfire preparedness. Any licensed tree company or arborist should do fine for tree removals. We don’t typically recommend specific contractors, and have had good experiences with nearly every tree service you’ll find in the “yellow pages” or Google. Ensure that they are a … Continued

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