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FAQ Topic: Sanitation

What are San Rafael Sanitation District’s boundaries?

Locations north of Puerto Suello Hill is within the boundary of Las Gallinas Valley Sanitation District, and locations south of Puerto Suello Hill is within the boundary of San Rafael Sanitation District. Check out our service area!

Do I need an encroachment permit if I am getting my sewer fixed?

If any part of the sewer repair work occurs under the sidewalk or the street, then the answer is yes. To submit an encroachment permit application, contact Public Works by email or call  them at (415) 485-3355. For more information on Encroachment Permits refer to San Rafael Municipal Code Section 11.04  

What should I do if the sewage is overflowing?

Overflow devices are usually located near the building.  They may have lids or mushroom shaped caps on top of the sewer pipe.  Their purpose is to allow sewage from a plugged sewer to overflow outside of the building.  There is a chance the District sewer main is plugged and requires maintenance.  Please call (415) 485-3374.  … Continued

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