FAQ Topic: Sales Tax Measure

What specific city services could this locally controlled measure support?

Funding from a potential measure would support essential city services, such as: Providing disaster and health emergency preparedness – Paramedics, Fire Department, Emergency Operations Center response to emergencies. General elements of emergency preparedness include, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.    Maintaining 911 emergency response times – ensuring quick response times to 911 calls from the time the call hits … Continued

How would a local funding measure work?

If approved by San Rafael voters, the measure would increase the local sales tax by one-quarter percent, generating about $3.4 million annually, with 100% of this revenue staying in San Rafael. This sales tax would be paid for not just by San Rafael residents, but also those who work, visit and shop in San Rafael. … Continued

What types of fiscal accountability would a local funding measure include?

A potential measure would require strict fiscal accountability to ensure transparency and public oversight. Mandatory annual independent financial audits, citizen oversight, and public disclosure of spending would ensure that all funds remain in San Rafael and could not be taken by the County or State government. These fiscal safeguards would ensure funds are locally controlled … Continued

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