FAQ Topic: Sales Tax Measure

What is the Citizen’s Oversight Committee?

If the sales tax measure were to pass on the November 3, 2020 Election Ballot, then the Citizen’s Oversight Committee will be established. Similar to the Measure E Oversight Committee for Essential Facilities, this will be a committee that meets conducts an annual review on the proceeds from this sales tax measure to make sure they are being spent appropriately.  

Will the sales tax apply to product deliveries, such as Amazon?

Yes, the sales tax will apply to product deliveries. The proposed tax is a Transaction and Use tax. Meaning, it is applied on all goods delivered to San Rafael. For example, Golden Gate Transit were to purchase buses from Mississippi to use in San Rafael, San Rafael would charge an additional $0.25 per $100 tax on the buses. 

How is the City supporting downtown businesses?

In April 2020, the City launched the San Rafael Small Business COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund to help small businesses struggling to maintain cash flow during these unprecedented times. Please visit the fund’s website for more information. In addition, in conjunction with the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce and the City, the San Rafael Business Improvement District (BID) spearheaded a weekly initiative to support … Continued

What contributes to the City of San Rafael’s high quality of life?

San Rafael strives to enhance the quality of life for all residents and to provide a safe, healthy, prosperous and livable environment in partnership with the community. Important priorities include safe neighborhoods, active community centers for our youth and seniors, emergency response services and providing social services to support our most vulnerable populations. These essential … Continued

What are the challenges our City is currently facing?

In addition to the health impacts of COVID-19, the restrictions put into place through the public health order have taken an unprecedented toll on our federal, state, and local economy. Economists are predicting cities such as San Rafael who are heavily reliant on sales tax, transaction and use tax (TUT), and transient occupancy tax (TOT) … Continued

How will the City address these budget challenges?

To meet our financial challenges, there are a number of efforts and programs we have implemented to reduce expenses and increase revenue, including: Hiring Freeze – A hiring freeze has already been instituted which will result in approximately $1.4 million in savings annually. Mandatory Furlough Program – The San Rafael City Council has approved a … Continued

What city services could be affected by our budget shortfall?

The City is committed to ensuring citizen safety as we face these challenging times. The City has implemented budget cuts in every department in the City of San Rafael. Greater needs and fewer staff resources available could lead to cuts in areas of homelessness initiatives, our Climate Change Action Plan, library hours in our three … Continued

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