FAQ Topic: Roadside Clearance FAQ's

How does this work relate to the parking box program?

This work is the first step towards evaluating areas and installing parking boxes. Our hope is that vegetation removal along roadways will increase safe parking options while still allowing for access and emergency egress. 

What is the purpose of this work?

This work will improve evacuation safety and emergency responder access during a wildfire by reducing the amount of flammable vegetation along and above roadways. 

Can I refuse the work?

Yes. SRFD is only cutting vegetation that is in violation of the San Rafael Municipal Code and California Fire Code. If you refuse to have the work completed, you are still required to remove and maintain it yourself, at your cost. Opt out forms will be sent to impacted residents prior to the start of project work.  

Will the Fire Department be removing mature trees?

Rarely, this program will focus on trimming individual tree limbs, shrubs, and other vegetation that overhangs the roadway. No mature trees will be removed unless a safety hazard is identified by a certified arborist and/or fire officials and it is determined that removal is the only safe option.  

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