FAQ Topic: RBR FAQ's

What if we believe that information in the report is incorrect or incomplete?

If you believe we have omitted information in the report, please contact the Permit Services Coordinator at 415-485-3096 to discuss. If you dispute the findings of the inspector regarding illegal construction, or have additional information to provide to refute some finding in the report, you may file an appeal, in writing, addressed to the Community … Continued

How will I receive the report?

All Reports are posted on our website, and are downloadable as a PDF document. Instructions on navigating to those records can be found online.

How much does the report cost?

Fee Schedule Effective January 19, 2017: Single Family Dwelling:          $290.00 (Duplex Dwellings $580.00) Condominiums:                       $255.00 Apartments:                             $270.00 for the first unit, $30.00 each additional unit

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