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FAQ Topic: Prepare for a Disaster

Special considerations

Will you need extra welfare checks, or a place to stay during power outages, heat waves, and so on? Discuss your plan with family or friends and neighbors who can assist you in your area of need. Will you need transportation assistance in an evacuation? Accessible public transportation may be in short supply. Can you … Continued


Choose two meeting spots: If you have to get out of your home in the event of a house fire – the corner of the block or a neighbor’s porch all make good meeting spots. In this location you can gather and take a head count to make sure everyone got out safely. Make sure … Continued


Sheltering-in-place means staying where you are because it’s safer than going outside. When we go to the basement because of a storm warning or stay home because of a blizzard, we are sheltering-in-place. This is not a common safety action in San Rafael, but was more recently practiced during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


A communication┬áplan is an important part of the emergency plan. You should include the following in your communication┬áplan: Be in the know Now that you’ve decided how you’ll┬ástay informed, make sure everyone in your emergency plan knows about these sources and how to use them. How you will stay in touch with loved ones Designate … Continued

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