Choose two meeting spots:

  1. If you have to get out of your home in the event of a house fire – the corner of the block or a neighbor’s porch all make good meeting spots. In this location you can gather and take a head count to make sure everyone got out safely. Make sure your meeting site is far enough away from the building to not be in danger or in the way of responding emergency personnel.
  2. If you have to get out of your neighborhood – this gets more complicated and will vary by household, which makes being prepared that much more important

Know how to get to safety

  • If you must evacuate on foot, make sure your evacuation kit contains sturdy walking shoes. Evacuations from densely populated areas like downtown business districts may be on foot to prevent complete gridlock on the roads. Follow emergency instructions.
  • Use your private vehicle if possible. Carpool with a friend or neighbor to lessen the traffic on the roads. This will help everyone get out faster.
  • If you must use public transportation, follow emergency instructions to go to your nearest muster site. Should be located out of your city in case you need to evacuate your neighborhood. It can be a relative’s house, cabin or hotel you plan to use before you can safely return to your home.

Make a kit

Consider creating an evacuation kit.

Bring your pet

Do not leave them behind. Emergency plans for pet owners.

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