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FAQ Topic: Priority Development Areas 2020

What has been the City’s experience with the Downtown PDA? What have been the accomplishments and positive outcomes? Have there been any challenges or obstacles?

The Downtown PDA was established in 2009. Since it was established, there have been many accomplishments.  The City benefited from the specific PDAs funding from the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) program.  OBAG grants greatly subsidized the preparation of two plans.  The City received $250,000 to develop the 2012 Downtown Station Area Plan and $600,000 … Continued

What are the PDA-designations for the proposed Northgate and Canal PDAs?

The Letter of Interest submitted by the City of San Rafael on May 29th with the below PDA-designations: Northgate PDA: Connected Community within a High Resource Area Southeast San Rafael/Canal PDA: Connected Community outside a High Resource Area The Letters of Interest submitted on May 29th, 2020 can be viewed here: Northgate PDA Letter of … Continued

What do the PDA-designations mean (i.e. Transit-Rich, Connected Community)?

All PDA designations must be in an “urbanized area” and adopt a Specific or Precise Plan by 2025. There are two main categories of PDA designations: Transit-Rich and Connected Community. MTC/ABAG describes these designation as the following: Transit-Rich: The majority of land is within one-half mile of an existing or planned rail station, ferry terminal, … Continued

What are the differences between a Specific Plan, Precise Plan, Master Plan, a Community Plan and a Neighborhood Plan? How do each of these Plans relate to the citywide General Plan?

While there are similarities and overlap, each Plan type is distinctive and have different elements and purposes.   The purpose of all these plans to is conduct future planning.  The different plans look at a finer level of detail for future planning a specific geographic area.  The following is a description of each Plan type and … Continued

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