What type of Plan (e.g., Specific Plan, Precise Plan, Community Plan) is eligible for funding if an area is designated as a PDA?

The PDA Grant Program is very specific about the type of Plan that is eligible for grants. The PDA Grant Program guidelines require the grant fund a Specific Plan, or equivalent Plan (e.g., Precise Plan). These plans includes a Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and Zoning Code and General Plan amendments. These elements are important because they put in place the recommendations in the Specific Plan.
A Community Plan or Neighborhood Plan would not be eligible for the PDA Grant Program as they do not include a regulatory component (Zoning Code).
It should be noted that the grants awarded to City of San Rafael for the 2012 Downtown Station Area Plan and Civic Center Station Area Plan would not be eligible under the current PDA Grant Program guidelines. These Station Area Plans are “vision documents” that did not include any formal policy and regulatory actions by the City, nor were they subject to environmental review (no EIR).
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