FAQ Topic: Payments & taxes

I saw an assessment on my property tax bill. What is it for?

There are a number of special assessments from the City of San Rafael that might appear on your property tax bill. Common assessments are: Library parcel tax imposed by Measure D to maintain San Rafael Public Library services Paramedic tax imposed by ballot measure to maintain rapid emergency response times Clean stormwater activity fee imposed … Continued

How do I pay my parking ticket?

You may pay your parking ticket online, by mail or in-person at 1400 Fifth Avenue , San Rafael, CA 94901.  Office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday.

I received a correctable citation for “no current tab” or “expired registration,” what is the process to take care of this citation?

Within 35 days from the citation issue date you should obtain your registration sticker or current registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles and submit it to the office staff at City of San Rafael Parking Services. The staff will verify the current registration (we need to physically see your vehicle), sign-off the citation and accept the … Continued

How do I register my new business?

If you would like to register your new business, you should first check with our Planning Division to make sure your business location is zoned properly for the business you want to do.  Once a location has been secured you will need to complete a Business License Application online, within 45 days of operation.

How do I pay my Business License?

Business License Tax payments can be made online, whether it is a balance due payment or renewal. You can also pay in-person on the 3rd Floor of San Rafael City Hall.

Can I pay Marin Parking Authority tickets here?

Sorry, you cannot pay Marin Parking Authority tickets with the City of San Rafael. The City of San Rafael and Marin Parking Authority are separate agencies.  The Marin Parking Authority handles all parking citations received in Marin County except San Rafael. You may call (800) 989-2058, or pay online. The Marin Parking Authority does not have a local office. … Continued

What is the library parcel tax and how do I pay it?

In 2016, San Rafael voters renewed a $59/year parcel tax to fund opening hours and services for the San Rafael Public Library.  You pay this tax through your property tax bill. If you are 65 years of age or older by July 1 of the tax year and own occupy your residence in San Rafael, you can … Continued

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