FAQ Topic: East San Rafael Parking

Who is on the East San Rafael Task Force

Members of the Public Omar Carrera of the Canal Alliance  Neshama Rakofsky of the Canal Alliance  Dave Bonfilio Ross Bishop Darlin Ruiz Stephany Charles Stephanie Plante Alexander Vollmer Aurelia Vargas City Staff Support Council Member Maika Llorens Gulati Cristine Alilovich Joanna Kwok  Steve Mason  April Miller  Jim Myhers  Nhat Phan  Consultant Brian Canepa

2023 – Weekend Regulation Update, Parking Modifications, Pilot Program Evaluation

Removed 4-Hour Time Limit Restrictions on weekends  Remove the four-hour time limit restrictions in on-street spaces identified during the Task Force meetings in the Commercial zone on Saturdays and Sundays so that long-term parkers (e.g. local residents) may use those spaces while many businesses are closed and current parking occupancy rates are low.  Net Gain … Continued

2021 – Canal Transportation Study

Canal Transportation Study In 2021 City council approved Canal Access Study that had a parking component to it. Based on that study we applied for and received a grant for Adaptive Transportation Program to help address parking issues in the Canal.

2019 – Public Meeting

Public Meeting at Albert J Boro Community Center Public Meeting to discuss results of the changed parking regulations.  

2018 – Parking Regulations Update

Official Change of Parking Regulations for Residential and Commercial Areas.  East San Rafael Parking Changes Letter 6/8/18 – East San Rafael Parking Update 7/20/18 – East San Rafael Time-Limited Parking Implementation 9/21/18 – Milestone for East San Rafael Parking Project

2017 – Parking Study and Public Meeting

W-Trans East San Rafael Parking Study  The study showed parking occupancy rates to be well over 100%, meaning some cars were not parking according to parking regulations.    2,413 on-street spaces  216 off-street spaces in the surveyed lots.   Estimated shortfall of on-street public spaces at the time was approximately 583 parking spaces (this shortfall was reduced … Continued

2016 – Community Outreach

W-Trans East San Rafael Parking Study Community outreach was conducted through meetings and a survey to gather perceptions of parking conditions in East San Rafael.

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