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FAQ Topic: Defensible Space/Home Hardening

Access Zone | roadways & driveways

Assure safe access and egress by maintaining vegetation within 10 feet of roadways and driveways similarly to the Immediate Zone. Provide for 13½ foot clearance above roadway.

Zone 2: Extended Zone | within 100′

Remove lower tree branches within 5 feet of the ground, not to exceed ¹/3 of the tree’s total height. Cut and remove grasses and weeds to a maximum height of 3 inches. Loose surface material, including leaves, twigs, and mulch, should be no more than 3 inches deep. Remove all Combustible Vegetation (single-specimen exemptions may … Continued

Zone 1: Intermediate Zone | within 30′

Remove all Junipers, Bamboo, Acacia, and Italian Cypress. Remove all vegetation within 10 feet of chimney or stovepipe. Keep woodpiles and other highly combustible material at least 10 feet from structures.

Zone 0: Immediate Zone (0-5ft from structure)

Remove accumulated leaves, needles and dead vegetative growth from the roof, gutters, decks, porches, and stairways. All vegetation in this zone shall be well-irrigated and free from dead or dying material. Trim to avoid contact with structure. Maintain adequate space between tree canopies. Remove all dead and dying branches. Remove all Combustible Vegetation. Remaining plants … Continued

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