FAQ Topic: Business taxes

How do I register my new business?

If you would like to register your new business, you should check with our Planning Division to make sure your business location is zoned properly for the business you want to do. Then you will need to complete a Business License Application.

How do I pay my Business License?

You pay your Business License Tax when you register for or renew a  Business License. Business License registration applications are available online.  

What is the sales tax in the city?

Effective 10/1/2022, the current sales tax rate in San Rafael is 9.25%.  Check out the break down:   State General Fund 3.94% County Health and Safety 1.56% City of San Rafael 1.00% San Rafael Transactions and Use Tax – 3/31/2034* 0.75% Measure R – 4/1/2021 – 3/31/2030 0.25% Marin County Measure A (Parks and Open … Continued

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