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What is the sales tax in the city?

The current sales tax rate in San Rafael is 9%. Check out the break down:

State General Fund (includes K-12 & community colleges)4.1875%
City/County General Fund (aka Bradley Burns)0.75%
San Rafael General Fund (transactions & use tax)*0.75%
Public Safety (Prop 172)0.50%
County Realignment (mental health, welfare, public safety)1.5625%
Countywide Transportation Fund0.25%
Transportation Authority of Marin0.50%
Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)0.25%
Marin Parks, Open Space and Farmland Preservation0.25%

*On June 16, 2014, the City Council officially set aside 0.25% to go towards public safety facility improvements.  In October, 2014, the City Council appointed a community Measure E Oversight Committee to ensure that all Measure E funds are spent on permissible uses.

To find out if an address is within the City of San Rafael jurisdiction, use this online map.

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