Terra Linda Group Swim Lessons

We offer a wide variety of group lessons for children as young as six months to 12 years old. Group Swim Lessons emphasize fun and safety in the aquatic environment through guided instruction by a professional swim instructor. It’s never too late to start thinking about skills that are not only fun but could also save you or your child’s life.

Group Swim Lesson Fees

Parent Tot – Level 4

Three-Day Session $45 residents / $54 non-residents

Four-Day Session $60 residents / $72 residents

Levels 5 – 7

Three-Day Session $51 residents / $60 non-residents

Four-Day Session $68 residents / $80 residents

Group Lesson Policies

Swim Levels

If you sign your child up for a level that they have successfully mastered, we will transfer your child to another level (space permitting) at no charge to you. During the lesson, instructors may move your child up or down a level to accommodate your swimmer’s abilities. If a level does not meet the minimum registration, we may combine levels of students with similar skill ability. Once your child has successfully demonstrated all required skills in his/her lessons, he or she is eligible to move to the next level.

Instructor Requests

Unfortunately, we cannot take requests for specific instructors for group lessons. If you would like a specific instructor, please inquire about private lessons.

Refunds, credits or transfers

Refunds, credits or transfers may be requested at a minimum of two working days prior to the start of a session. No refunds, credits or transfers will be provided less than two working days in advance. Transfer requests from different session dates will be assessed a $5 transfer fee. Requests must be done in writing or in person. Stay & Play Student in lesson can stay and swim for no charge for that day. If other family members or friends would like to stay and swim, they must pay the daily admission fee or have a season pass.

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