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Swim Level Chart

Parent Tot - Water Baby Advanced - 30 mins | Instructor/Student Ratio 1:12

• Blowing bubbles, jumping, basic arm swim skills

• Slight submersion practiced

• Begins to swim with instructor

• Songs and games

• Parent participation required

• Best for kids 6 - 36 months

• This is a water adjustment class

• Child comfortable in water with instructor for short periods

• Child must want to be there and has fun playing in the water

Level 1 - 30 mins  | Instructor/Student Ratio 1:3

• How to enter and exit water safely

• Learns basic water safety

• Actively interacts with instructor

• “Swimming is Fun!” emphasized with games

• No parent participation

• Good beginning class for kids age 3 or older

• Child is mainly on steps for entire class period

• Fully comfortable in water with instructor for entire class period

• Child is excited and pushes the learning process to try harder

Level 2 - 30 mins | Instructor/Student Ratio 1:3

• Fundamental water skills and aquatic safety taught

• Full face submersion introduced

• Floating back & front

• Wall push offs on back and front

• Explores entire pool

• Supported alternating arm circles and kicking together

• Child pushes off wall alone on tummy

• Child jumps to instructor alone

• Must be able to use flotation device unsupported for two body lengths

• Must be able to float on back and front unsupported

Level 3 - 30 mins |  Instructor/Student Ratio 1:3

• Practices alternating arm circles and kicking together

• Begins discussion of side breathing

• Beginning backstroke

• Streamline swimming introduced

• Breaststroke arms and legs introduced separately

• Jumps in and swims directly to wall

• Fully submerges face three times with bobs

• Swims front crawl two body lengths

• Able to push off wall on back and float two body lengths

Level 4 - 30 mins | Instructor/Student Ratio 1:4

• Builds swimming stamina

• Begins work on treading water and sitting/kneeling dives

• Works on streamline kick on back

• Ample practice time on breaststroke & backstroke

• Some refreshing of front crawl with side-breathing

• Begins dolphin kicking practice

• General technique work on front crawl, back and breast

• Able to swim front crawl at least 13 yards

• Able to streamline kick for 10 yards without kickboard

• Able to swim backstroke three body lengths

• Able to swim breaststroke three body lengths

• Recognizable side-breathing

Level 5 - 40 mins | Instructor/Student Ratio 1:5

• Builds up to 25 yards front crawl with side-breathing

• Practices front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke & treading water

• Learns full butterfly

• Introduced to standing dives

• Builds stamina and technique on all strokes

• Able to swim 25 yards front crawl, 25 yards backstroke, 10 yards breaststroke and a recognizable butterfly for two  body lengths

• Able to dive unperfected

Levels 6 and 7 - 40 mins|  Instructor/Student Ratio 1:6

• Works on swimming 50 yards front crawl

• Practices swimming refined strokes

• Begins work on flip turns

• Practice and stamina emphasized

• Students should swim multiple laps during lesson with instruction in between

• Provides skills needed to start with swim team

• Able to swim multiple laps during lesson with breaks in between

• Swim strokes are all recognizable but need refinement

• Able to maintain streamline and balance in water

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