Southern Heights Bridge Replacement

Southern Heights Bridge Replacement project updates


Project goals

  • Replace the existing wood bridge with a concrete bridge that is both seismically safe and wide enough for emergency vehicles


Planning/Design $720,000
Construction $3,200,000 (funded by Caltrans Bridge Program)


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) routinely inspects bridges across the state to ensure the public’s safety. Through this process, the Southern Heights Bridge was identified as needing reconstruction to meet current design, structural, and safety standards. In June 2016, the City retained Mark Thomas to begin preliminary design and public outreach for this bridge. Subsequently, the City has diligently worked to perform bridge design, obtain environmental clearance, and obtain a right of way certification in January 2020 approving the City’s coordination efforts with utility companies and private property owners.

In October 2020, City Council awarded the construction contract to Disney Construction, Inc. The City has also hired the construction management firm, Substrate, Inc., to oversee the project. Construction began in December 2020 and the project was completed in January 2022.

New Southern Heights Bridge


Advertised to solicit contractor bids August 4, 2020
Bids due September 2020
City Council action to award construction contract October 5, 2020
Construction December 2020 - January 2022

Project contact

Sunny Jhutti, PE, SE | Resident Engineer, Substrate, Inc.

Theo Sanchez, PE | Associate Civil Engineer

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