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Public Safety Center | April 2018 Update – Clean Material Hauloff

Posted on May 14, 2018

Overview of project site during haul off of the over excavated material

During the month of April 2018, the weather cleared up allowing Alten to initiate the off haul of the clean material, contaminated material and prepare the building pads for certification. Hauling off of the clean material was a success hauling off approximately 2,500 cubic yards to the airport. During the excavation of the contaminated material with the help of EBA limits of the contaminated were established allowing to remove all the material within a day. Upon completion of the haul off and proof rolling of the building pads with a dump truck a few areas were discovered to be unsuitable requiring over-excavation, airing, mixing with dry material and re-working. Once the areas were re-worked a minimum of 90% compaction were achieved throughout, allowing the building pad to pass and be certified. In addition the review and processing of submittals and Request for Information (RFI’s) continue in high volume/pace.


Owner: City of San Rafael
Project/Construction Manager: Kitchell, Sacramento, CA
Architect: Mary McGrath Architects, Oakland, CA
Contractor: Alten Construction, Inc.

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