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Private Swim Lessons – Children & Adults

Private Swim Lessons – Children & Adults

We offer private, 30-minute lessons with a one-on-one student-to-teacher ratio or you may request a semi-private lesson, which is designed for two students at a similar swim level, assigned to one instructor. Private lessons will be offered in June, July and August and can be scheduled on weekdays or weekends.

Private Lesson
One student assigned to one instructor.
Per Lesson    $36 Resident  | $41 Non-resident

Semi-private Lesson
Two students at a similar swim level assigned to one instructor.
Per lesson   $51 Resident/$60 Non-Resident

There are two options for private swim lessons this year at the Terra Linda Pool.

1) We have created private swim lessons classes where you can enroll online.
These classes do not guarantee a specific instructor, but it does guarantee the time.

Register for our classes online by clicking the link below:

2) If you prefer private swimming lessons with a more flexible schedule and a consistent instructor, please click the link below for a fillable PDF. Please complete the form and email it back to us at

We will review your submission and will do our best to assign you an instructor who best fits your request. The instructor will contact you to coordinate lessons. If you want a specific or consistent instructor, or specific days, then this option would work best for you.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for an instructor to contact you, it may be sooner.


  • Lessons are available for children and adults at any skill level.
  • An instructor will be assigned to you according to your availability and preferences.
  • The instructor will call or email you to schedule lessons.
  • Please allow 5 business days before contact is made.
  • If your requested swim instructor is unavailable, you will be referred to another instructor.
  • Lessons will not start until we have received payment.

STAY & PLAY: Student in lesson can stay and swim for no charge for that day. If other family members or friends would like to stay and swim, they must pay the daily admission fee or have a season pass.


  • Cancellations must be made 2 business days in advance, or you will be charged for the lesson.

If you are late, the instructor will only wait 10 minutes and the lesson will still end on time. Instructors often have back-to-back lessons so going longer is not often an option.

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