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Citywide Parks and Recreation Master Plan

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We're developing a Citywide Parks and Recreation Master Plan and we need your help

Please take our Parks & Recreation Questionnaire and encourage others to participate through May 31

We want to know how you enjoy the City's parks and recreational programs, and what you need to improve your experience. And, please share this questionnaire with family, friends, and anyone you know who is interested in building a great park and recreation system in San Rafael. The questionnaire is also available at all City community centers, libraries, and City Hall.

We have a lot to celebrate in San Rafael with great places to play, a beautiful setting with natural open space resources, and classes that enrich our community. However, we realize that there is opportunity to improve.

By creating a master plan, we will have a guide to further develop our parks and recreational programs, create and maintain funding and set priorities for the future. The City of San Rafael is invested in providing a thriving  system for all ages, abilities, and activities.

As we look at existing conditions of the San Rafael park and recreation network, we'll identify what's missing and ways in which we can make improvements. This includes how we can maintain the parks, update facilities, increase ways for people to access and connect to parks, and how we can strengthen programs, classes, and activities within the City.

We want to hear from you!

By taking the questionnaire, you'll help us learn more about community values, wants, and needs. Your feedback will help guide how San Rafael parks, trails, and natural spaces are developed, preserved, and enjoyed! Let us know how you like to play, get outdoors, and recreate in your community, and what types of programs are important to you and your family.  By including your voice in the planning process, we'll be able to further promote the quality of life for San Rafael residents.

Thank you for participating in our community meetings!

During our first series of community meetings that were held in March, April and May, we introduced the planning process, shared information about the community questionnaire, and worked with community participants to get their feedback and input. Please check back for a summary of the input we received during this first series of meetings.


Join us for the next Community Meeting: Hear about the results of the facility assessment and community engagement, and provide feedback on the initial recommendations.

Thursday, September 8 at 6:00 p.m.
Via Zoom (link to follow)

Interpretation can be requested by completing and submitting this form at least 72 hours in advance of a meeting.


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Steering Committee and Parks & Recreation Commission Meetings

Steering Committee Meetings - Virtual

5/25/22, 6:00-8:00pm
Staff and consultant will share results of the Parks and Recreation Questionnaire and need assessment

8/31/22, 6:00-8:00pm
Staff and consultant will present the Draft Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis 

11/16/22, 6:00-8:00pm
Staff and consultant will present draft analysis outcome, recommendations, and priorities


Parks & Recreation Commission Meetings
San Rafael Community Center, 618 B Street

 6/16/22, 6:00pm
Staff and consultant will present the Draft Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis 

9/15/22, 6:00pm
Staff and consultant will present draft analysis outcome, recommendations, and priorities

Library & Recreation Department
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