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Los Gamos Apartments

Address:Los Gamos (vacant lot at end of Los Gamos)
APNs:165-220-06 & -07
Project No:GPA20-001/ ZC20-002/ED20-058
Applicant:Colin Russell Architects
990 A Street, Suite 202
San Rafael, CA 94901
Project Planner:Jeff Hamilton


Project Description

The City has received an application for general plan amendment, zoning map amendment and environmental and design review for a 193-unit apartment project on a hillside property located on the west side of Los Gamos Road.  In addition, the project will include a 5,574 square foot neighborhood market building and a 5,003 square foot community building.  The applicant is requesting a General Plan Amendment to allow a change in density from Hillside Residential (.1 to .5 units per acre) to a Neighborhood Commercial Mixed Use (8.7-24.2 units per acre) and to allow the mix of uses proposed; a Zoning Amendment to a Planned Development zoning and Environmental and Design Review.


Updated December 15, 2020 - A formal application was received on December 14, 2020.  The project will undergo a 30-day completeness review.  During this period, the project documents will be routed to other city departments, utility companies, and neighboring government agencies.  The applicant will then be notified whether additional information is needed to move this project to the next step in the review process.

Prior updates
Planning Commission Study Session was held on January 14, 2020.  The planning Commission provided the following comments:

  • Its time to re-evaluate zoning for this site;
  • Intensity could be ok if properly designed and thorough review of environmental impacts;
  • Clustering is good idea;
  • The project would contribute to the City’s housing need;
  • Would not support any more than 180 units;
  • Would like to see the applicant address work force housing;
  • Make market more visible;
  • Continue reaching out to County for access swap;
  • Consider reducing the amount of trails within the private open space areas;
  • Need to define whether trails would be accessible to public;
  • Specify how trails will be maintained;
  • Address how trails and recreational equipment impact natural state;
  • Recreational equipment should be located closer to buildings;
  • Contribute as much green/low energy elements as possible;
    • EV; Solar; roof orientation and design
  • Prepare more photo-simulations including views from street level to get a better sense of what the project will look like;
  • Demonstrate compliance with Hillside design;
  • Height might be okay if bulk and mass can be addressed and proforma supports; use hillside definition of height;
  • Consider adding carports over parking areas to reduce the appearance of bulk and mass;
  • Address views from open space;
  • Landscaping design and materials needs to be appropriate;
  • Environmental review needs to consider all impacts including traffic impacts of other projects.
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