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Los Gamos Apartments

los gamos

Address:Los Gamos (vacant lot at end of Los Gamos)
APNs:165-220-06 & -07
Project No:CDR19-002
Applicant:Colin Russell Architects
990 A Street, Suite 202
San Rafael, CA 94901
Project Planner:Ali Giudice, Principal Planner
(415) 485-3092

Project Description

The City has received an application for preliminary review/conceptual design review for a 180-unit apartment project on a hillside property located on the west side of Los Gamos Road. The project would require General Plan and Zoning Amendment to allow a change in density from Hillside Residential (.1 to .5 units per acre) to a high-density residential designation (15-32 units per acre). In addition, the project will include a 1,671 square foot retail building and a 1,368 square foot community building.


Planning Commission Study Session was held on January 14, 2020.  The planning Commission provided the following comments:

  • Its time to re-evaluate zoning for this site;
  • Intensity could be ok if properly designed and thorough review of environmental impacts;
  • Clustering is good idea;
  • The project would contribute to the City’s housing need;
  • Would not support any more than 180 units;
  • Would like to see the applicant address work force housing;
  • Make market more visible;
  • Continue reaching out to County for access swap;
  • Consider reducing the amount of trails within the private open space areas;
  • Need to define whether trails would be accessible to public;
  • Specify how trails will be maintained;
  • Address how trails and recreational equipment impact natural state;
  • Recreational equipment should be located closer to buildings;
  • Contribute as much green/low energy elements as possible;
    • EV;Solar;roof orientation and design
  • Prepare more photo-simulations including views from street level to get a better sense of what the project will look like;
  • Demonstrate compliance with Hillside design;
  • Height might be okay if bulk and mass can be addressed and proforma supports;use hillside definition of height;
  • Consider adding carports over parking areas to reduce the appearance of bulk and mass;
  • Address views from open space;
  • Landscaping design and materials needs to be appropriate;
  • Environmental review needs to consider all impacts including traffic impacts of other projects.
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