6/22/18 – FY 2018-19 3-Year Improvement Program (CIP) Adopted by City Council

Posted on June 22, 2018

At their regular Council meeting on Monday June 18th, City Council adopted the FY 2018-19 3-Year Capital Improvement Program. The CIP is a multi-year planning tool used to identify and implement the City’s capital needs over the upcoming 3-year period: FY 2018-19 through FY 2020-21. The CIP document summarizes the City’s planned capital and infrastructure improvement projects, including their funding sources, and prioritizes projects after analysis and coordination with other City departments in order to ensure that all department needs are represented. Projects identified on the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) represent the City’s highest priority for maintenance and infrastructure upgrades; based on condition of the infrastructure, codes and standards compliance for access and safety, public and Council input, and other factors.

The general categories within the CIP are as follows:

  • City-Owned Properties: City facilities including buildings, parking garages and lots
  • Drainage: Storm water systems including roadway drainage and pump stations
  • Parks: Park infrastructure and facilities including playgrounds, recreation equipment, and restrooms
  • Right-of-Way: Roadway improvements including construction, resurfacing, and traffic and signal improvements


The total budget for new projects in the 3-year Capital Improvement Program for FY 2018-19 is $2,914,863. Major new projects identified for FY 2018-19 include:


  • Falkirk Reroof
  • TL Community Center Floor replacement
  • Innovative Deployment of Enhanced Arterials (IDEA)
  • Tamalpais West Bike Lane
  • Fourth Street seat wall Improvements
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