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Freitas/Las Gallinas Construction Update 09/22/17

Posted on September 22, 2017

Freitas:Las Gallinas 09:22:17

Work Completed In Past Four Weeks

The concrete pile foundations for the new bridge on the east side of Las Gallinas (see photos above). The foundations are 30’ deep and take about one day each to construct.  The Contractor removed the old ‘pork-chop’ island on the southeast corner (i.e., Safeway corner) where the traffic signal pole once stood, and installed new asphalt pavement. Lastly, the Contractor removed and replaced the median island on the south leg of the intersection.

Next Steps

Beginning the week of September 25th, the Contractor will begin installation of cobblestones in the median islands, demolish and reconstruct the curb and gutter on the northeast corner (i.e., corner where AT&T has the large cabinets in the island), and place concrete for the new bridge abutments. We anticipate this work lasting about two weeks.

Please note that during the latter half of October, work at Freitas/Las Gallinas may slow down while the Contractor awaits the arrival of bridge materials being constructed off-site, which are tentatively scheduled to arrive on the job the first week of November.

We appreciate your patience during construction and request that you allow for additional time to travel through this busy location. If and when possible, please consider taking alternate routes to avoid this intersection, especially during commute times. If we can be of assistance to you, please contact us with your concerns. Thank you!

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