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Debris Boxes and Storage Containers

A Minor Temporary Encroachment Permit is required for all debris boxes and storage containers (i.e. portable on demand storage containers – PODS) placed on the street. Please note that an encroachment permit is not required if the debris box or storage container is placed on private property such as in a driveway and does not … Continued

Do I need an encroachment permit if I am getting my sewer fixed?

If any part of the sewer repair work occurs under the sidewalk or the street, then the answer is yes. To submit an encroachment permit application, contact¬†Public Works by email or call ¬†them at (415) 485-3355. For more information on Encroachment Permits refer to San Rafael Municipal Code Section 11.04  

Do I need an encroachment permit?

Encroachment permits are required if you plan to do any construction work in the public right-of-way. Meaning, any work in the sidewalk area, in an easement, on city owned property (median islands, parks, city facilities) or in the street. Common reasons you’ll need one: Utility saw-cuts Excavation News stands Bicycle racks Sidewalk dining Debris boxes … Continued

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